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Upcoming events 2016/17

Forum TU Vision 2025+

03.10.2016 18:00 Antonio Loprieno

07.11.2016 18:00 spokespersons on science and research of the Austrian political parties

05.12.2016 18:00 Hannes Androsch

16.01.2017 18:00 Dieter Imboden

TU Vision 2025+ || A strategic outlook for TU Wien


Quo Vadis TU Wien?

How does the TU Wien envision its role in the future?  What are our ambitions for research and teaching?  Where do we see the university, nationally and internationally?

In order to answer these questions - university-wide and across faculties - the TU’s president, Sabine Seidler, has started the initiative TU Wien: Vision 2025+. It aims to lay the foundations for an ambitious long-term strategy for the university. The final outcome of this initiative – or, rather, the beginning of a new TU – will be presented by our president as part of our university’s bicentennial celebrations in the summer of 2015.

Following-up on the successful series of lectures in the past semesters, Forum TU Vision 2025+ will continue to provide a common space for the exchange of ideas. Here you can find the most recent status report.

Upcoming events for the winter term of 2016/17 are:

  • 3.10.2016, 18.00 Uhr Antonio Loprieno (Austrian Science Board)
  • 7.11.2016, 18.00 Uhr discussion with spokespersons on science and research of the Austrian political parties
  • 5.12.2016, 18.00 Uhr Hannes Androsch
  • 16.1.2017, 18.00 Uhr Dieter Imboden (Evaluation German excellence initiative)


Your Team TU Vision 2025+



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